Busy bee..

Hi everyone!

I’m currently having my mid-term exams and so my reading is kinda slow. 😦

I have my Cell Biology exam tomorrow with lab tests too! *fingers crossed* 😦

Hopefully, I’ll be writing a review of the book I’m reading soon enough.

The book is “The Gift” by Cecilia Ahern. So how many of you have read it? Any other books by Cecilia that you have read? I’ve read all her work except the latest which I will read after I finish this one.

I’m not gonna give away any details of what the book is about just yet..don’t wanna form an opinion just like that halfway through.

Keep in touch and you’ll know how it is. 🙂

Stay safe!

OMG really??

So roses are red?

Did I really just start my own blog?

Yes. LOL.

Now I might start sounding to you like a child with a new toy so let me introduce myself. I am Yumna Mirza. A 20 year old who leads what I like to call a roller-coaster-ride kinda life. This blog is not about my life but about one of the most important aspects of my life. Literature. I will use this space to review books, poetry..anything related to literature and maybe post something I wrote myself.

I do occassionally write small pieces but posting would require a confidence I do not yet possess. So I would stick to reviews and all things related to help young readers, old ones and generally guide people to make a decision as to which books to buy, read or simply discard.

Happy reading! =)