All About You

Hey you. Hows’s your part of the world ?

I don’t know I just feel like we all live in different worlds. :/ I know, that was so weird but on some level I can justify it. What we experience, feel, the things that bother us and those that don’t matter are different to all of us. So in some way that’s like you’re living in a different place and so are the rest of us…Hmm…

Anyway! Enough of the smartypants mouth. Or hands…as I’m typing…:S

I was wondering about something and I thought of blogging about it because: A. It kinda feels better to talk about it in the open and; B. I want to know other people’s views about it.

I was thinking about how people deal with…well..grief or hurt. Like if you’re hurt and mad, or just hurt, what is the first thing you do? What is the last thing you do? Some people call up their best friend or spouse or partner and talk about it or vent if they’re mad. Others just shut down completely and want to bury whatever it is that is bothering them. It’s differs from person to person I guess, and I think most of us are just not too keen to be talking about how we deal with hurt. But I think if we do talk about it we learn from others and they might say something or tell us a new way to deal with an issue, and thus end up solving it for us.

As for me, I’m one of those who just shut down. One of those who do not want to talk about it. I guess that’s not a good thing but sometimes a person feels just so overwhelmed that a place alone is the best place. Isn’t it so?

What about you?

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