Nicholas and no Sparks?

Hey you.

I’m really kinda enjoying this blog now. Ever since I’ve let go of the self-made notion that this had to be a masterpiece of a blog, I find that I’m much more willing to just write and enjoy this space. 🙂

I suppose that can be held true for a lot of things in life. We can just try to do what we feel like doing without feeling all the pressures of trying to be perfect and being awesome at whatever we are doing.

Hmm…I just sounded smart there. :p

So I’m nearing the end of a Nicholas Sparks book (currently on page 278 of 368) and would be done by tonight or tomorrow and YES, I’m going to FINALLY review it here. Yay me! 😛

The title of this post is kind of a giveaway to the fact that the book has so far been highly predictable and…………………I’m not saying no more here. 😛

You can know all about it in the next post I publish which will have a full review of the book.

Take care of yourselves, see you later InshAllah 🙂