A Prayer of Thanks?

Hey you.

I think congratulations are in order for moi as I managed to navigate well around  Wordpress and read some really nice posts. One of them had a single phrase which really rang out for me, check it out here: 11 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Special-Needs Parent.

It said ‘it can always be worse’ and it was really one of those Hallelujah moments for me. I mean seriously! Okay. Lemme explain. Right now wherever we are, whoever we are and no matter how much we own we all want something more. And don’t you try and deny because you know that’s not true. We loathe those unwanted, ghastly love handles claiming their space around our middle, we lust after her hair which is surely Godsend  and we would do anything to claim that gorgeously perfect outfit/body/anything for ourselves.

I’m listing down common things related to woman but I’m certain men have their own lists of things they hate about themselves and things they lust after which others have. And the reason I’m writing about it here is because I think that (as cheesy and cliched it may be) we should really be glad for what we have.

Go look at yourself in the mirror. Really look at yourself and notice all the good things. It’s funny how we never look at what’s perfect in us because that’s just boring. We can sit and stare and obsess over our tiny imperfections, wishing there weren’t there but we rarely ever look at something and say ” Wow, now that’s perfect” or say “Thank God I have…”

As it was said in the post I tagged up there ^ it can always be much worse, people do have it way way way worse than we did. Sure, we’re not perfect. Where’s the fun in that? I can’t imagine how boring life would be like if I had everything and if there was nothing more I wanted, or needed. It would be so dull! The anticipation of having what we want makes life much better. Sometimes the chase is better than the prize.

The fact that they’re are things to accomplish, experiences to live, people to cherish, and stuff to gain is what makes our life interesting. So let’s say a prayer of thanks for the amazing ton of things God gave us and let’s look optimistically at the future and hope for all the good things to come to us.

Here’s hoping we’ll be that much more grateful. Cheers! 🙂