A Lesson You Wish You Had Learned Earlier in Life

We can all try saying that we have no regrets. That whatever happened was somehow “for the best” and that “in the bigger picture” and “in the long run” we are better off even after having done things one would term as regrets. We can say it with conviction, with humility and also quietly, but I doubt if we ever really mean it. Like really really mean it.
Try saying this:

“No, I do not have any regrets. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Sure I’ve done things that weren’t very good, but doing all those things, right and wrong, has made me the person I am today. And I’m proud of what I am today. So no, I do not have regrets and I wouldn’t like to significantly change something about my past.”

Now look at what you’ve just said. At all those words and the meanings they hold. Doesn’t one event come up like a lifebuoy on the ocean of your mind, instantly claiming attention and ridiculing what you’ve just read?

I think we all have regrets, we all have those little annoying events in our life which stick out like sore thumbs;  reminding us of our bad decisions. Some of us let them overpower us, let them decide the course our lives would take. Some of us forget that they ever happened and decide to live our lives free of their haunting shadows. And still, some acknowledge their presence, repent their existence but in no way do they let them change their tomorrow.

The lesson I wish I had learned earlier in my life is a very basic one, but one which I think many of us suffer throughout our life: I wish I  had recognized my true worth earlier in life  and not accepted any less than what I deserved.

Self-worth is something which is continuously under attack from outsiders. We literally need to take up arms, and retaliate when it becomes necessary. Under no condition should we take abuse and humiliation over the things that make us different, that define us. We shouldn’t take  less than what we deserve,and even if we are forced to, we should do everything in our might to change it. Because once self-worth is gone, it rarely ever comes back.

Stay strong. 🙂